Some tips and tricks for authors of Alex Rider fanfiction from yours truly.

If It's Been Done Before, Don't Do It Again

We all love the heartwarming "Alex returns to Brecon Beacons and surprises K-Unit and heals" stories, but if you're looking for views and reviews, try something new.

I Was Here Too You Know

On that note, try different points of view for a fresh take on something old. Most fanfictions are in Alex's POV, try the villan (Damian Cray, Julia Rothman, etc.) or a minor character (Sabina Pleasure, Henry Bray, Julius Grief, etc.). The unconcious desire of any author or reader is to know more about the world they love, so give it to 'em.

Write, Rewrite, and Do It Again

Legible fanfiction is a sight for sore eyes. If you're anything like me, you tend to look past bad grammar, spelling, and overall "bad" just for the originality of a story. Get a beta to help with originality and readability or at least use a word processor to check grammar and spelling. I find that writing one chapter and then going through it a few times and revising makes for a better read.

Use Variety

Again the issue of characters comes up. With most stories, the same characters tend to be used. Alex, Ben, K-Unit, Blunt, Jones... Use someone new and use them well. Readers love to see someone new.

Also, I often encounter the problem of always using a gun. In my oneshot "Red Riding Hood," Alex originally killed Blunt with another gunshot. The problem was, that was an overused way to murder in that fic. So, I had Alex shove a knife between his eyes instead. Next time, kill someone with a pen. There you go, variety.

Know What You Write

One of the most common problems is not knowing about what you're writing. If you write about guns, at least research a model or two Alex might use. Research the SAS if you are writing a "back to Brecon Beacons" story, sometimes the small real-life details of such things make the read more interesting.

Use Your Imagination

Last but not least, the thing that fuels authors of official work and fanfiction alike, imagination, is sometimes sacrificed for the sake of writing what is expected of you. I know it happens often with me. I'm writing a semi-"back to Brecon Beacons" (The Venus Contract) and I was distracted from the plot for awhile because I began to focus on K-Unit discovering Alex's many secrets. My story was originally about Aquarius, so I took a haitus to redirect my energies back on the original plan and found my imagination again.

Break the mold, use your creativity.

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