Pingnova Pingnova 25 August 2011

The Venus Contract (WarriorLoverInc): Chapter 1

Authors Note: I believe what I'm doing is called "procrastination." Actually, I call it life, obsession, and a switch of fandoms.

Enjoy my first Alex Rider fic, it is soooo not a one-shot.

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Pingnova Pingnova 7 July 2011

The Venus Contract (WarriorLoverInc)

"There are some things so secret, so covert and underground, dark and mysterious, that the secret could end a country. With Aquarius, there are no accidents, there is no gossip. There is truth, and nothing more. Look out Scorpia, your double is closing in."

The Venus Contract is a Hurt/Comfort/Adventure categorized fanfiction.

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Pingnova Pingnova 30 June 2011

New Editor

As many of you may have noticed, the article editor of this wiki has been updated. I visited Special:WikiaLabs and enabled the new and improved editor. I had already tried it out on the Harry Potter Wiki and was delighted to bring it to the Alex Rider Fanpedia.

If you have any questions about the editor, contact Wikia at Special:Contact.

Enjoy the improvements and keep on editing! WarriorLoverInc 22:27, June 30, 2011 (UTC)

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Pingnova Pingnova 26 April 2011


Wikia is developing a new feature for registered users called "Chat." Basically it's a chatroom for members, a bit like a talk page but real time and more convenient for immediate responses.

We have the option of requesting to test it out on our wiki. Although, it seems there are only three users here (one active), if any of you are out there, tell me what you think.

THE Bureaucrat,


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Pingnova Pingnova 18 April 2011

Tips & Tricks for Fanfiction Authors

Some tips and tricks for authors of Alex Rider fanfiction from yours truly.

If It's Been Done Before, Don't Do It Again

We all love the heartwarming "Alex returns to Brecon Beacons and surprises K-Unit and heals" stories, but if you're looking for views and reviews, try something new.

I Was Here Too You Know

On that note, try different points of view for a fresh take on something old. Most fanfictions are in Alex's POV, try the villan (Damian Cray, Julia Rothman, etc.) or a minor character (Sabina Pleasure, Henry Bray, Julius Grief, etc.). The unconcious desire of any author or reader is to know more about the world they love, so give it to 'em.

Write, Rewrite, and Do It Again

Legible fanfiction is a sight for sore eyes. If you're anything like me…

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