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The faces of the guard are a secretive group who wish to bring britain ot it's knees. Their goals are simple to destroy Britain on behalf of North Korea and communism. They are lead by an enigmatic women named Skarlet and have come into conflict with Britain and the MI6. They are first seen in the fanfiction Seeds of hate where they poison a man with a scorpion. They are also seen cloning the dead Jack Starbright and sends the clone named Giovanna Scaramouch on a one way suicide mission to kill Alex Rider but fail when he subdues the clone. Skarlet is then seen calling on a friend of her father's Hugo Chavez and demands he send members of the venezuelan army over by plane to aid her. After that the venezuelan army members aid Skarlet in trying to set up the bomb but they are however killed when Alex Rider snaps their necks. Angered Skarlet attempts to kill Alex but is momentarily distracted and Alex shoots her but however she survives as she is wearing bulletproof armor and rides away on her boat vowing revenge. their hideout is an underground facility which looks like the underground where japanese tuners race.


Skarlet[Leader and is of Icelandic Dissent]

Jojo Cray[Son of Damian Cray is from England]

Kira Kazama[Explosives Expert from Japan]

Josef Fratz[Assassin and of Hungarian decent.]

Giovanna Scaramouch[Clone of Jack Starbright and Assassin.]

Clarissa Pleasure[Sabina Pleasure's aunt and assassin.]

Alex Fritz[German man and Skarlet's hulking bodyguard

Jarvis O'Reilly[former member of the IRA and is Skarlet's second in-command.