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The Venus Contract
Author(s) WarriorLoverInc
Status In-Progress
# of Chapters 12
Pairing(s) None
Category(s) Hurt/Comfort, Adventure
Rating T

The Venus Contract is a fanfiction authored by WarriorLoverInc.


"There are some things so secret, so covert and underground, dark and mysterious, that the secret could end a country. With Aquarius, there are no accidents, there is no gossip. There is truth, and nothing more. Look out Scorpia, your double is closing in."


This fic is set after Crocodile Tears. It is non-Scorpia Rising compliant.

The Venus Contract, like many multi-chaptered fanfiction, starts with Jack Starbright's murder. Before she is killed, however, she manages to tip off MI6 about a potentially dangerous organization, "Aquarius." Alan Blunt, the Head of MI6, later decides that it would be best if Alex Rider did not know that Jack had been killed, and sends the teen off to Brecon Beacons for protection while they try to figure out who this "Aquarius" may be.

Meanwhile, a fully existing Aqurarius begins to target Alex for unknown reasons.


A list of characters in alphabetical protagonist/antagonist categories.



  • Alfonsio (OC)
  • Aquarius (organization) (OC)
  • ASP's (organization) (OC)
  • Betta (OC)
  • Chub (OC)
  • Dace (OC)
  • The Boss (OC)

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