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Samir Al-Mohammed
First Appearance Wrath of Samir chapter 5
Gender Male
Age 61
Occupation Owner of his own oil refinery
Status Deceased
Affiliation SCORPIA

Samir Al-Mohammed is a member of SCORPIA who appears as an antagonist to Alex Rider.


Samir is a jordanian buisnessman. He has a Black goatee and is completely bald. He is a shrewd and ruthless buisnessman as he is the one to think up destroying the fight against poverty party. He is described as being brutal in his attacks on SCORPIA's enemies. He also owns an oil company called Samir's refinery which is thought by the MI-6 to be used as a hideout for Scorpia members. He was originally Pro-american but became disgusted at america for supporting israel over palestine and thus expressed anti-american rhetoric. He ordered his assassin Nigel to fire an RPG at the fight against poverty party. It was almost Successful but Alex Rider on orders from MI-6 put a stop to Nigel's plans. Nigel than reported to Samir but was shot in the stomach killing him instantly. He then decides to do the deed himself and shows up at MI-6 HQ and abducts Tulip Jones. He than proceeds to strap a bomb to Tulip Jones and sets the timer for 1 minute and 44 seconds. Alex defuses the bomb and uses his DS to kill Samir with a gunshot to the head.

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