Ricky Fritzl Von Koenigsegg
First Appearance Scorpia Uprising, chapter five
Gender Male
Age 38
Occupation Owns a meat packing plant in Brooklyn also owes various casinos through out Sweden.
Status Arrested
Affiliation SCORPIA

Ricky Fritzl Von Koenigsegg (Born August 7th 1969) is a Swedish buisnessman that does buisness with SCORPIA.


He first appears in chapter five of Scorpia Uprising. He is first seen giving Donald Roth the task of killing a Mossad agent who has been snooping around in his private life. He also tasked SCORPIA with protecting a package. Later on he grows impatient and has his top henchmen Lars go see what is going on. He reports that the package has been stolen by Alex Rider. He then has his men bring Alex Rider to his meat packing plant in New York City. He then explains to Alex that he aligned with SCORPIA so they can bring him the package which Alex Rider stole. He then explains that a glowing green orb is in the package and he plans to use it to kill Alex Rider. However he is stooped by Alex Rider and is arrested for his crimes. He is then sentenced to fifty consecutive life sentences (10,550 years in prison) for what he did.

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