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Ricky Carver
First Appearance Scorpia Uprising, chapter 20
Gender Male
Age 75
Occupation Leader of the Gods hand cult.
Status Deceased
Affiliation Gods Hand cult, SCORPIA

Ricky Carver is the leader of the Gods Hand doomsday cult who were associated with SCORPIA.


He is first seen in Scorpia Uprising, chapter 20 where he is seen killing a woman for defying him. He was once a member of the catholic church but was excommunicated when he stole for himself. He then started the Gods Hand doomsday cult who believe the world will be destroyed unless the world repents of their sins[stop believing in religion].To this end he and his congregates decided to aid SCORPIA in destroying Britain with a nuclear bomb. He is first seen holding Ms. Jones hostage. He is seen conversing with Zeljan Kurst about the bomb which is named the Crimson Viper. However he is stopped when he is knocked out by Alex Rider. Due to his failure his soda was poisoned with Anti-freeze by Hugo Martinez and he died when he drunk his soda.


  • The name of his cult is misleading as he and his cult menbers believe religion is a disease. He used to be catholic until he was excommunicated after that he became an militant atheist.