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Rene Barsescu (Scorpia Uprising)
First Appearance Scorpia Uprising, chapter 11
Gender Female
Age 42
Occupation Tends to SCORPIA's garden.
Status Active
Affiliation SCORPIA

Rene Barsescu is a minor antagonist in the fanfic Scorpia Uprising.


She makes her first appearance in chapter 11. She is described as having pimples on her face and is 5 ft 9 inches. She tends to SCORPIA's garden which is filled with poisonous plants. Not much is known about her life but it is said She comes from Romania.

Rene tends to the garden on Malagosto. She is also a proficient torturer which She picked up as a member of Nicolae Ceausescu's forces[having joined his forces in 1980 at the age of 15]. She also has a pet bull.