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Marcus Alan Banderas
First Appearance Scorpia Uprising, chapter 11
Gender Male
Age 26
Occupation Agent of Special Forces, division Z
Status Active
Affiliation Special Forces

Marcus Alan Banderas is a minor character in the fanfiction Scorpia Uprising.


He first appears in Scorpia Uprising in Capter 11 where he saves Alex Rider from Rene Barsescu's pet Bull. In Chapter 14 it is revealed he is a member of the Special Forces division E. He is also from Spain and is said to be full of muscle which he got from his body building days. He is capable of knocking out many SCORPIA members with just one punch. He also later appears leading a bunch of men and women into a fight with SCORPIA members. However he is tortured by Rene and her men but doesn't flinch. He also appears in Chapter 32 seen killing a SCORPIA member in self-defense. After this he is not seen or heard from again despite still being alive.