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Jasper Gat
First Appearance Scorpia Uprising, chapter 22
Gender Male
Age 32
Occupation Agent of SCORPIA
Status Deceased
Affiliation SCORPIA

Jasper Gat is a minor antagonist of the fanfiction Scorpia Uprising.


He is a ruthless chinese mercenary whose parents were part of a maoist terrorist group associated with SCORPIA. He is an minor antagonist in Scorpia Uprising. Jasper Gat who once started his own loan company. He was fired after being drunk on the job. Consumed with hatred he joined SCORPIA and acted as a mole within MI5.

In Story[]

He is first seen in the 22nd chapter where he is seen giving advice to Alex Rider who at the time doesn't realize he and his parents are aligned with SCORPIA. In chapter 29 he reveals himself as a traitor when he leaves Alex Rider to die at the hands of his pet wolf. He then meets SCORPIA member Rene Barsescu at the rendezvous point where she gives him his mission, to kill the British populace with a nuclear bomb. However Alex Rider breaks free and knocks Jasper unconscious. He is last seen aboard his plane fighting Alex Rider. However he is killed when Alex breaks his neck.