Heidi and Neal are a brother and sister assassin duo who are a member of the biker gang the Furies. they were born in a shantytown in Brazil in 1977[Neal] and 1980[Heidi]. During their childhood they were accosted by a biker gang known as the Furies and their leader Donald Roth. Donald Roth needed someone to kill a Rival Biker who was hitting on his wife. They accepted and at the age of 18 and 15 respectively they poisoned the Rival Biker's drink with anti-freeze killing him instantly. In 2007 Donald Roth send them to Kill Alex Rider who had been snooping around in SCORPIA's plans. They tried everything from a scorpion to injecting a Neurotoxin into him but they failed. Upset with their failures they both committged suicide by stabbing a pencil through their head instantly killing themselves.

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