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Felix Rodriguez
First Appearance SCORPIA UPRISING chapter 2
Gender Male
Age 51
Occupation Prime Minister
Status Dead
Affiliation SCORPIA

Felix Rodriguez was the prime minister of Spain who was secretly on SCORPIA's payroll.


He makes his first appearance in Scorpia Uprising, chapter 2 when he and his bodyguard are seen in a video conference with the Prime Minister of England. He then abruptly calls and end to the video conference. He proceeds to shoot his bodyguard and boards a SCORPIA airplane. He than explains he and SCORPIA struck a deal if he were to aid SCORPIA in killing Alex Rider. They would give him the rights to a piece of property SCORPIA owned. He aids the furies in obtaining people to experiment on. He than attempts to stab Alex but has acid thrown on his face in self defense causing scarring on the right side of his face (Similar to Harvey Dent). He than goes on a homocidal rampage and shoots a family of three to death. He then enlists Jasper Gat to help him kidnap Alex Rider. However he is shot in the eye by Wolf and dies before his plans can be carried out.