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Donald Roth
First Appearance Scorpia Uprising, Chapter 1
Gender Male
Age 54
Occupation Leader of the furies
Status Active
Affiliation SCORPIA, The Furies

Donald Roth was a leader of a biker group called the Furies who was paid off by SCORPIA to kill Alex Rider.


He makes his first appearance in Scorpia Uprising Chapter 1. His crew engaged in money laundering and human trafficking. MI6 sends Alex Rider to Ireland to prevent him and his crew in aiding SCORPIA in their plan to steal money from the Bank of Britain. He first appears in a bar where he gets drunk and starts a bar brawl where he shoots a guy in the head killing him instantly for upstaging him. He then attempts to have Alex Rider killed by his gang running him over. He then ships Alex Rider to Malagosto where Mr.Three is waiting fror him. He is then tortured by Mr.Three until one of Donald's henchmen Ezekiel warns him of intruders. Sabina Pleasure comes in and explains Donald Roth was trafficking in humans for SCORPIA to experiment on. Alex is than send some nifty gadgets by Smithers. However he Sabina Pleasure and the Shenkop brothers[Darius and Julian[ are locked in a dungeon. He then explains he and SCORPIA have decided to create a race of super-humans which would listen to them only and order them to kill Alex Rider. Alex Rider than proceeds to break out of his jail cell. Donald has his men go after Alex Rider but they are stopped and killed by an MI6 sniper. He then proceeds to fight Alex one last time but is defeated by Alex and promptly arrested.


He is a 6 foot 6 man with spiky red hair. He also weighs 287 Lbs.