The Discurrir faction were an organization founded within the CIA at their Panama Canal Branch in the Children of Innovation series with their interest starting as purely scientific, however their field of science originally and continues to shatter the laws of human morality as they genetically alter young men and women into Super-soldier Agents that evolves into a conspiracy, the Discurrir faction would go so far as cloning to reach their goal and this becomes apparent when they create genetically (and physically) altered clones of their Super-soldiers.

The Discurrir faction seem to have evolved from the CIA's allegiance to the United States, the Discurrir faction create missions to benefit their own goals and to garner profit, Alex comments that the Discurrir are similar but different to SCORPIA.

Positions:[edit | edit source]

  • Director -
  • Headmaster -
  • Executor -
  • Assassin Master -
  • Observer -
  • Spy Master -
  • Combat Master -
  • Quartermaster -
  • Weapon Expert -
  • Master Agent -
  • Elite Agent -
  • Active Agent -
  • Apprentice Agent -

Members:[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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