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Christie Bednarski
First Appearance Scorpia Uprising
Gender Female
Age 25
Occupation MI-6[formerly] SCORPIA member
Status Deceased
Affiliation SCORPIA

Christie Bednarski was a former member of MI6 however she betrays them and goes to work for SCORPIA.


Born in 1982 to a Polish mother and British father. Her parents were involved in the drug trade and were killed by a rival drug trafficker on Christie's orders as she wanted to edge in on their profits. Christie meets Alex Rider while still feigning loyalty to MI-6. However Alex on orders from MI-6 goes through her files and finds out she is a Scorpia member. Found out she proceeds to Inject Alex with a neurotoxin which would kill him in 50 seconds. However an antidote is fdound in enough time thus negating the neurotoxin. She later reveals that she plans to poison Britain's water supply with a vat of poisonous goop. She is aided in this endeavor by a black muscular guy named Arnie Wesker. She then proceeds to put the poisonous goop in three bombs and hovers them over britain. However Alex defuses the bomb saving england's water supply. Angry Christie oders Arnie to kill Alex but he is killed by a ninja star to the stomach by Alex Rider. They than have one last battle aboard Chrstie's airplane Christie attempts to kill Alex Rider but is killed by Alex when he sidesteps her attack causing her to fall to her death impaled upon an 8 foot spike.


Her appearance is that of an 6 foot tall woman with a purple mohawk and a skirt she also wears orange sneakers.

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