Alex Rider Fanpedia
First Appearance Scorpia Uprising, chapter 3
Gender Male
Age 45
Occupation Teaches SCORPIA members how to use firearms
Status Deceased
Affiliation SCORPIA

Choumma is a minor antagonist in the fanfic Scorpia Uprising. He debuts in Chapter 3.


Choumma Sayasne is of laotian decent. He is overweight and delicate. He has dark broding eyes and lips which are almost always curled up into a sneer. He teaches SCORPIA's members about the fine use of firearms. He also helped Jenbu go after Alex Rider and is angered when Jenbu is killed he reports Jenbu's failures back to SCORPIA. He was also a student of Julia Rothman when he joined SCORPIA back in 2003. He was killed by his boss Zeljan Kurst for his failures.