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Augustus Taggart
First Appearance SCORPIA UPRISING, chapter 32
Gender Male
Age 36
Occupation Cult member
Status Deceased
Affiliation SCORPIA, Gods Hand cult

Augustus Taggart was a former Actor and member of the Gods Hand cult.


He believed in a utopian world where people were free of sin. He was extremely devoted to the cult's cause and aided SCORPIA in their plans. He is first seen in Chapter 34 where he was seen in a church. He is seen talking to Tulip Jones fearing betrayal Ricky Carver threw an acid tipped sword into Augustus's head melting him from the inside out. However it was revealed he was threatening to have her killed if she interfered with their plans.

Physical Appearance[]

He bears a coincidental resemblance to Josh Birk, a character in Saints Row III, also known as "Nyteblade."