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The Boss

First Appearance

The Venus Contract, Chapter 1

Aquarius is the shadowy organization appearing in WarriorLoverInc's fanfiction The Venus Contract.


Aquarius was formed by The Boss under unknown circumstances. It began with a handful of Scorpia traitors - as well as The Boss himself - as a small criminal organization, taking on missions that mercinaries were just too expensive and inexpierenced to complete. Eventually, they began recruiting operators of their own, seemingly preferring ex-government employees and younger men.

When Aquarius is not trying to destory Scorpia (and Scorpia not trying to destroy Aquarius) they often work together.

Aquarius prides itself in being a secret organization. The intelligence services of the world did not think it existed until very recently, when they seemed to be targeting Alex Rider.

Known Members[]

  • The Boss (leader)
  • Alfonsio
  • Betta
  • Dace
  • Chub
  • Mya Angella


  • All of the operators sans The Boss and Mya Angella within Aquarius are named after fish.
  • To be a "bottom-feeder" means they are the lowest level operator who often fail and get little respect.