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Target Matters is the first book in the brand new series of Alex Rider, under the name of Alex Rider: Defending Force. The cover is under progress and features a crosshair with Alex Rider and Target Matters printed on it. In this episode, Alex pays a visit to MI6, now called SS, and Mrs Jones sends him and Wolf on a mission to stop the plans of a crazed ex-hitman. It features the return of Smithers,Tom and Sabina,as well as a foreshadowing of two enemies.

SYNOPSIS- Alex Rider is back in action! In his tenth adventure, he is rejoined with his old MI6 friends, and is almost instantly sent on a mission again. He is involved with a cold case called Target Matters, about a retired hitman who escaped from jail. He has struck again, and Alex and Wolf must set out to stop him. Armed with brand new gadgets - sellotape, pencil, zip - and with a new enemy, this is one of his most dangerous adventures yet!


Chapter 1- FAMILY TREE

Alex Rider-Pleasure wakes up one day. He is dazed. "Dad? Mum? Uncle Ian? Jack?". Then he remembered. His dad was shot by an MI6 agent. His mum was killed in a plane crash. His Uncle was shot by a hired assassin, and his housekeeper, Jack, was killed by a car bomb. He was adopted by his girlfriend's father, Edward Pleasure. Him, his girlfriend/adopted sister Sabina and her mum Liz all think he is back to normal. But secretly, he is researching MI6. He runs over to his computer. He opens a file - Alex Search Engine. A small search bar pops up. He types in the code - Starbright - and a dark-looking website comes up. He notices that the title now says - Secret Agency.S.S (Secret Service) instead of Secret Website.MI6.Military Intelligence Six.He clicks on the bracket between .S and Secret. A message board pops up. He types in - So, finally caught up with the modern names, huh? Finally. Cub. - Almost instantly 2 more come up - That's what I just noticed,bruv.Wolf - and - Yes.We are, as you say, 'modern'.M.Jones -.