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Albion which is also known as MI0 (M-I-O), named after the Legendary Island of Arthurian Legend, is a secret Organization that is based off genetic experimentation and Intelligance Services.



Albion was created in 1980 AD as the first Organization in the World to attempt Genetic Engineering on Human Lifeforms and became an intelligance Agency of Britain and its allies, known as MI0 by Spies of Foreign Countries considering the fact that no one could get any information on its whereabouts nor its purpose, it was originally meant to be the successor to a number of Military Intellegiance Sectors including MI6 and MI5 however it was rethought to have it seperate as Britain's brutal "Black Ops" Force.

Known Genetic Mutation[]

With the coming of 1990, Albion was updated so that it could literally upgrade those within its ranks without having external aditions to their body so that they still seemed human, Albion's greatest known work in the following 5 years was the upgrade of human endurance including passing the human thresholds of Strength, Speed and Self-Healing. Albion had succeeded beyond their wildest dreams when they even learned how to allow the human mind to "switch off" their emotions causing