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Al Carelli
First Appearance Scorpia Uprising, Chapter 10
Gender Male
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Status Deceased
Affiliation Carelli mob

Al Carelli was a leader of the Carelli mob.


He appears in the fanfiction Scorpia Uprising. He makes his first appearance in chapter 10 of Scorpia Uprising. He is given the Cordoza Virus by Dr.Three which he planned to use to poison his wife for cheating on him. Alex Rider on a trip to NY stops him by distracting him with flashbangs. Angered he orders Primo Falconeri to go after him. Primo commandeers a man's Lexus IS300 and chases down Alex on his motorbike. He than corners Alex in Downtown Brooklyn. However Primo is shot by Alex in self-defense. Al then proceeds to bring Alex to his boat. He than proceeds to tie up Alex over the sea where his pet sharks are. However Wolf saves him and they both proceeds to shoot Al causing him to die.